Creating an RTS in Unity: Part XXII

We are slowly coming towards the end of this tutorial. The next part is up and covers the first part of some AI to make our game more interactive. This involves getting World Objects to do a little bit of thinking for themselves. Check out Part 22 at



Sorry for the delay on a new post. I had two big deadlines for projects that had to be sorted at the end of June which took up any spare time I might have had. And then I was on holiday for a bit – and not that keen to spend the time and effort required to produce the next part of the tutorial. It looks like things are getting a bit quieter now, so I am currently in the process of evaluating where the rest of this year is headed. Creating a new part is climbing my priority list now that a couple of other things are finishing up, so hopefully it will not be too far away.

Creating an RTS in Unity: Part XVII

At long last I have managed to get another post written. I think this has turned out to be one of the longest in the tutorial so far … The topic this time enabling the user to select which Player they want to be. This includes saving and loading basic Player details so that you can select the Player you were last time you played. Some basic customization is provided too – name and an avatar. This part can be found at Enjoy!

P.S. While writing this part I fixed a small bug with the mouse cursor. We are using MouseCursorSkin to provide basic styling for the cursor (although the actual image being used depends on the current cursor state). I have set the border, padding, and margin for a Label to be 0. This ensures that the image we are using is displayed as large as possible.