Creating an RTS in Unity: Part XVIII

Hey team, at long last another part is up. This time I cover saving all of the relevant details from a map. Another fairly long post, but definitely worth it. Check it out at


Mobile Demo

I have been working on a demo mobile game using Unity3D (targeting Android at the moment – a Samsung Galaxy Note2 to be precise). This is mainly to see what sorts of things can be done. I have an idea for a game that I will be using this trial as a foundation for. I will not be writing anything serious up about it (since that would take up too much of my time). But I thought that some people may be interested in checking out the code (and following the changes I make to it). It is all up on my github account under the project unity-mobile-demo.

For those of you following the RTS tutorial: Don’t worry, this is not a replacement for that. I am still working on the tutorial. This is a much smaller project that I can work on in small snippets (rather than the extended period of time required to write a tutorial post). I started playing with it because I had too many ideas buzzing round in my head.