Plans for the coming year

Sorry for the long delay between posts. My intention is still to work on this tutorial. I can see that it is useful for other people, but it is also useful for me to think through why I am doing things. It works out as a learning experience for all of us!

Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to sketch out for you my plans for the next stage of this tutorial. I am hoping to put up a new part once a month. I know, this is slow for those of you who are working through the tutorial right now and just want to carry on with things. But this is the most realistic time frame for me to aim for at the moment. If you are lucky there might be more than one part per month, but that is in no way guaranteed.

The reason this is plans for the coming year is because I have sketched out where I want to take the next 10 parts – which will take until the end of the year to complete if I can do 1 per month. I know, another 10 parts still, and at that point there will still be lots of things that could be worked on. But by that point we will have a stable platform to build on with a lot of very useful things in place. So, the things I plan to work on next are:

  • Character selection
  • Saving a game
  • Loading a game
  • Victory conditions (there will be more than one that we define, so that you have options to choose from)
  • Single player campaign (basic but should be very easy to extend)
  • Basic computer player (so we can finally make things interactive)
  • Power (remember it was another resource type we introduced?)
  • Waypoints (so you can set up paths for your Units to follow)
  • Audio (since a quiet game is kinda boring)
  • Options menu (so that Players can turn that audio down, among other things)

So, lots of interesting things still coming up. Thank you all for your patience as I work on things. Thank you also for your support and encouragement – it does inspire me to keep working on things. And don’t worry, I have not forgotten about this.

Also, a reminder that the entire tutorial is now up on


3 thoughts on “Plans for the coming year

  1. Greg Petersen says:

    I’ve Learned more about unity over the past week by reading your posts than I have in the previous year I’ve been messing with it. EXCELLENT work! I was wondering if in addition to your line up you could give some advice on importing 3D images into the fold. (say from blender?)

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