Dedicated Website

Hey team. I have finally managed to get a dedicated website up and looking good. Check it out using the link posted at the top of this post. The main improvement this brings over the blog is that the tutorial is now nice and easy to read in its entirety. Nice clean navigation. Ease of access. So much better in so many ways. (And I have full control over everything which is nice too) Please check it out and let me know what you think. (There are still some adjustments I will be making, but overall it is stable and looking good)

I will be going through each of the original posts to provide a link to the new site. When I add new parts to the tutorial I will write a blog post about that, complete with a link to that part, so that if you follow the blog you can stay up-to-date. However, the full content of new parts will be on the website rather than here on the blog (since that saves duplication of effort). I will also look at providing links back to the original posts so that comments which have been added so far can be referenced from the new site.


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