Status Update

Hey team,

I have not forgotten about you all. I am still wanting to finish this tutorial, and to continue to add interesting and useful posts to it. However, other things in life have to take priority from time to time. Now that Christmas and holidays are over I should be able to slowly start getting some more posts out. I am also working on actually setting up a website of my own (rather than just using the blog here). A large part of this will be having the entire tutorial in one place. This will feature actual navigation between parts and should be a whole lot more user friendly. Once that is up I will be adding content directly there, but I will post here with the link to the latest part so that people can still easily access things from here.

I appreciate all of your interest and support so far. It has surprised me just how many people are actually interested in this. I thought there was a bit of a gap, but I didn’t realize how much of a gap that was. I aim to wrap things up in the next year – sorry but I can’t promise anything sooner than that. The next post should be up in the next month, but again I can’t promise.

Continue messing around, having fun, and learning lots.

Update: the website is now live at