For a while now I have thought I should record some of the stuff I learn in a blog format, if only to have a personal record of growth and learning. Also, it provides me the opportunity to record difficult things I have made work. I know that personally I have found it useful reading things that other people have put up. I guess I feel that it would be worthwhile for me to begin to contribute to the knowledge base around.

First up will be a series of posts building up a tutorial for developing a real-time strategy game using Unity 3d. These will be long, but I make no apologies for that since it will be a comprehensive foundation for an RTS. Individual posts will probably go up quite quickly, and the up-to-date source code will also be available on Github. After that, who knows? Posting is likely to be sporadic at best, most likely when I do cool stuff.

That’s it for now. We will see where this takes us. No promises, but it should prove interesting.